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2015 POWER PLAYER: Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

Posted on 2/5/2015 by April O'Brien

Nationwide Title Clearing offers a broad range of services that cover the entire lifecycle of a loan: from recording and title clearing services for loan originators to post-closing audits, mortgage assignment, pre-sale audits and payoff services. It’s the company’s approach to being compliant from the start of the loan that sets it apart. “In this age of regulatory compliance, we believe every mortgage process begins with verifying clear chain of title and repairing any encumbrance before taking any action that would further cloud title,” CEO John Hillman said. “By ensuring clear title first, every other mortgage process is more efficient and more compliant.”

In fact, far from being burdened by increased regulation in the industry, NTC seems to relish the opportunity to meet strict compliance standards. Since 2011 NTC has expanded by 350%, due in large part to an industry shift toward more compliant processes.

“NTC has flourished under the recent scrutiny,” Hillman said. “Our approach to increased regulation has been to work with regulators to drive change toward the correct standard. This is good for the industry, for lenders and borrowers alike.”

In the last several years, NTC has increased its eRecording capability to nearly 70% of total volume and established benchmark compliance systems in the areas of document review, legal document authorization (for those states that require it) and signing authority. The company has also developed compliance tracking on all of its processes. One area, lien release, is at or above 99.9% compliance every day.

“We remain obsessed with establishing processes that are as close to perfect as possible,” Hillman said.

NTC’s streamlined processes are not just compliant, but save clients’ money. Hillman recounts one client in particular who was being charged by their previous service provider nearly 300% more for their services, but were not fully aware of it because of the hidden costs associated with several smaller handling charges.

“While many large corporations are driven primarily by profit, perhaps at times to a fault, we believe profit is the result of quality being the goal,” Hillman said.

NTC continues to find new ways to serve its clients. The company has recently begun assisting in pre-sale and pre-securitization reviews of collateral files, locating and remedying any exceptions and deficiencies which would hinder meeting compliance standards.

“In the past, many of the administrative processes associated with loan servicing were considered a financial burden and often went to the service provider who offered the lowest bid on an RFP. Unfortunately, driving costs down had a directly negative effect on quality,” Hillman said. “At NTC, we have always had a different approach.”


John Hillman was named to the board of directors in 2004 and became CEO in 2006. He has held various executive roles for the company for 19 years and under his management NTC has increased revenue by 500% since 2008, and 350% since 2011.

Prior to working for NTC, Hillman ran a sales and tech support team for a software company and accomplished a 400% expansion of revenue within two years. 

Since becoming NTC’s chief executive, he has increased individual productivity by 300%, increased NTC’s e-recording from 11% to 70% and implemented new systems to automate the highest standards in document review and preparation.

Michael O’Connell is the chief operations officer of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. He is responsible for leading NTC’s client relations, research services and document production and oversees quality control.

O’Connell joined NTC in 2005 and ran the sales and marketing team for five years. Since taking over as COO he has worked to improve the company’s QA processes, improve the efficiency of the client relations area and directed the operations areas.

Myron Finley is the chief legal officer at Nationwide Title Clearing. He has been a lawyer for more than 35 years, and is admitted to practice in both California and New York. Finley has been with NTC for over 13 years, and his job duties include responsibility for defining, articulating and maintaining industry best practice standards for documentation nationwide. He is also involved in all aspects of compliance and risk management.

In 2013 Finley was named co-chairperson of the business processes and procedures committee of the Public Records Industry Association (PRIA). He is also a member of the National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks (NACRC) and of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA).