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Erika Lance named CIO at Nationwide Title Clearing as seen in the CIO Journal by Wall Street Journal

Posted on 5/6/2015 by Gina Morales in CIO NTC Nationwide Title Clearing Technology

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc., which provides research and back-end paperwork for mortgage companies, has named Erika Lance as its first CIO

Erika Lance has been with NTC for more than a decade, holding positions across the human resources, client relations and legal departments. She got her first opportunity to work closely with the IT  in 2005, when she took over client relations in 2005 and looked deeply at process flow throughout the company.

“It got me understanding the IT and operational side of things, and gave me a unique opportunity to become a kind of expert at what we do,” she said. The broad mandate helped her see business needs across IT and operations and how they worked together.

One of her first big projects as CIO will be basing NTC’s customer-facing portals on a more flexible Web-based framework. Doing so, she says, will allow NTC to simplify the front-end user experience and make it more accessible to smaller customers.

Ms. Lance will also be focused on security. NTC works with eight out of the 10 largest banks in the United States, the company said in a statement, and is responsible for helping those banks maintain compliance. That means the company has to stay on top of the latest security trends to ensure they’re meeting banking and regulatory requirements. “Every couple months you see a new interesting thing you never thought of in a million years, and we have to make sure we’re adjusted and ready for that,” Ms. Lance said.

She joins the growing ranks of female chief information officers. CIO Journal noted earlier this year that there were 87 female Fortune 500 CIOs as of January 1, up from 61 in 2012. Women make up 17.4% of Fortune 500 CIOs, compared to 11.4% of chief financial officers and 4.8% of chief executive officers.

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