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NTC CFO Todd Kugler Honored as Finalist for Tampa Bay Business Journal's CFO of the Year 2016; Top 26 Honored From Over 300 Applicants

Posted on 1/20/2016 by Derrick Minutello in CFO of the Year

NTC's own Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Todd Kugler has been honored as one of 26 Tampa Bay area finalists for this honor from an independent panel of judges.

It takes a special type of CFO to run a successful business and we are incredibly excited to find out that Todd Kugler has been honored from over 300 CFO's entered into the Tampa Bay Business Journal's 2016 CFO of the Year.

It takes someone with integrity in management and business practices, someone who drives strategic initiatives to keep the company moving while keeping an eye on the bottom line and ensuring return on all of the company's investments.

Todd’s responsibility extends far beyond holding the reins on the company’s finances. Thanks to him in that role, the company has expanded over 350% since 2011 and we are still growing. He is heavily involved in the ongoing improvement of the corporate real estate, its appearance, equipment and overall environment where the employees work. At the moment, he is scouring to find a more functional space for our expansion.

There is no room for error in the public record and NTC specializes in producing residential mortgage documents which are continuously passing the industry’s most stringent audits, often exceeding industry standards.

An example of this is his oversight over our compliance division, in which he oversees the certified financial audit and SOC audit by third parties. Without these audits, we wouldn’t be able to attract or retain clients, as these are incredibly important in this age of regulatory compliance since the financial crisis in 2008.

He makes employee retention a priority by continuing to grow our employee benefits like better medical insurance and 401K plans.

Todd is known for opening the company’s checkbook for causes the company is standing for. In the rare occasion we are short of a fundraising goal, he makes up the difference and then some.

When team members have proposed personal community relations initiatives, he will support and donate to these causes as well. Whether it’s in-kind with goods, cash, or giving team members’ company time as a part of the initiative, Todd is one of the most generous CFO’s in Tampa Bay.

Todd has been a part owner of NTC since the company’s inception in 1991 and sits on the Board of Directors and he has worked in real estate finance companies for the last 20 years and has served in a CFO capacity for twelve of the last 20 years.

NTC's own Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Todd Kugler has been honored as one of 26 Tampa Bay area finalists for this honor from an independent panel of judges.He specializes in budgetary analysis and developing financial stability through strategic planning. The culmination of his expertise resulted in rapid expansion of the company, so much so that we’ve been named as an Inc. 5000 company four years in a row.

We are incredibly proud of this recognition for our CFO. We find out February 18th if he wins! Stay tuned.