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NTC Featured in HousingWire Magazine as a Power Player Service Provider

Posted on 2/3/2016 by Derrick Minutello in HousingWire Power Players

Nationwide Title Clearing offers seamless service for lenders and servicers Broad range of services covers the whole loan lifecycle

Nationwide Title Clearing has flourished under the recent mortgage industry regulator scrutiny, growing by 350% since 2011, due in large part to an industry shift toward more compliant processes and away from shortcuts.

The largest lien release services provider in the country doesn’t cut corners or shy away from close inspection.

“Our clients wholly trust us because we have been pioneers in the face of the housing crisis and have remained their trusted source for keeping them compliant,” said CEO John Hillman.

NTC offers a broad range of services that cover the entire lifecycle of a loan, from recording and title clearing services for loan originators to post closing audits, mortgage assignment, pre-sale audits and payoff services including lien release and trustee services.

The company is uniquely positioned because of the kind of relationships and data it has accumulated from all 3,600 recording jurisdictions. These relationships have been established and nurtured for 25 years, resulting in high-quality data.

Managing lien release state and county laws, regulations and forms for over 3,600 recording jurisdictions that change on a regular basis is tedious and time consuming. NTC takes care of the regulations, the format guidelines, the forms, the preparation and recording, so that lenders, servicers and investors can focus on growing their business.

NTC’s Lien Release Process Service includes data capture and imaging, assignment chain verification, exception handling, release document processing, substitution of trustee services, document review and multi-tiered quality control, signing authority database management and county recording/eRecording.

Its document review process and proprietary Signing Authority Database have the necessary controls in place to ensure valid signatures on all documents and strict signing and notary standards are maintained. The process makes sure that releases are completed within the statutory deadline and are eRecorded wherever possible.

“What makes NTC truly unique is first the culture of extreme transparency visible to clients, and then the flexibility to accommodate sudden changes through exceptional staffing and training models,” Hillman said. “NTC becomes a seamless and natural extension of the client, as if NTC is simply ‘down the hall.’ ”

As a privately owned company, NTC has organically grown into a large company because the original founders‘ core values have remained intact.

“While most large corporations are blindly driven by profit, we believe that profit is the reward rather than the goal,” he said. “Our executives are fixated with establishing processes that are as close to perfect as possible.”

NTC’s objective is to provide the highest standards in research and document production and it achieves this through extensive employee training, effective QA processes and a plenty of trial and error. “We believe continuing this practice by remaining steadfast and loyal to our founders’ original values will keep us growing well into the future,” Hillman said.


John Hillman, CEO

John Hillman was named to the board of directors in 2004 and became CEO in 2006. He has held various executive roles in the company for 19 years and under his management NTC has increased revenue by 500% since 2008, and 350% since 2011. Prior to working for NTC, Hillman ran a sales and tech support team for a software company. Since becoming NTC’s chief executive, he has increased individual productivity by 300%, increased NTC’s e-recording from 11% to 70% and implemented new systems to automate the highest standards in document review and preparation. He was also recognized as a Vanguard Award recipient by HousingWire Magazine in 2015.

Michael O’Connell, COO

Michael O’Connell is responsible for leading NTC’s client relations, research services and document production and oversees quality control. O’Connell joined NTC in 2005 and ran the sales and marketing team for five years. Since taking over as COO he has worked to improve the company’s QA processes, improve the efficiency of the client relations area and directed the operations areas.

Myron Finley, Chief Legal Officer

Myron Finley has been a lawyer for more than 35 years, and is admitted to practice in both California and New York. Finley has been with NTC for over 13 years, and his job duties include responsibility for defining, articulating and maintaining industry best practice standards for documentation nationwide. He also is involved in all aspects of compliance and risk management. In 2013, Finley was named co-chairperson of the business processes and procedures committee of the Public Records Industry Association. He is also a member of the National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks and the Mortgage Bankers Association.

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