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Outsourcing May Be Best for Lender Document Trailing

Posted on 2/8/2017 by Nakota Wagner in assignments trailing documents outsourcing nationwide title servicing lien releases white paper

Nationwide Title Clearing, a post-closing services provider serving many of the nation’s largest financial institutions, investors, servicers, and custodians, released a white paper for lenders offering a scoring method to help them manage their trailing document process after a loan is originated.

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NTC CEO Shares Lessons Learned Over 25 Years

Posted on 1/5/2017 by Nakota Wagner in NTC assignments Mortgage Industry Research Services

Learn Why NTC is a Trusted Partner of the Largest Financial Institutions

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NTC Launches New Version of Popular Report

Posted on 11/8/2016 by Derek Temple in NTC avx assignments assignment verification report assignment verification xpress

NTC announces Assignment Verification Xpress (AVX), a new streamlined report that contains everything an AVR contains without the keyed report, without compromising the quality of the research clients are accustomed to receiving from NTC.

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NTC launches Assignment Verification Xpress

Posted on 10/24/2016 by Derek Temple in titlereport avx assignments

NTC launches new service called AVX - Assignment Verification Xpress

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