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NTC Donates 55 Pints of Blood in Effort to Help 4.5 Million Patients in Need—Celebrates Highest Employee Participation Rate to Date

Posted on 8/13/2014 by April O'Brien in Nationwide Title Clearing NTC OneBlood

In its eighth blood drive to date, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. employees honored the company’s commitment to imparting a positive impact on the surrounding community by donating 55 pints of blood to save the lives of individuals in need.

On July 18, NTC (Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.) hosted a company-wide blood drive in which employees donated 55 pints of blood, surpassing all previously-established donation records for NTC. Since each pint helps to sustain life for as many as three people, the donations are enough to help save the lives of up to 165 people in need. Overall, NTC employees have donated 349 pints of blood due to the numerous blood drives held over the years, helping a total of over 1047 people.

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