Saturday, October 03, 2015

Lien Release Processing Services

Nationwide Title Clearing is the leader in Lien Release Processing & Management Services because we offer our clients processes that are tailored to their needs.  Our highly-organized team will build a customized program to meet any budget and service level, allowing us to address all of the common regulatory and preparation issues that can result.

Nationwide Title Clearing Lien Release Processing & Management Services makes preparing and recording documents in order to cancel a mortgage simple.  Often called a Lien Release, Reconveyance of Deed, Cancellation of Mortgage, or Mortgage Satisfaction, NTC puts its experts to work immediately in completing your requests quickly.

For most mortgage servicers, being updated on state and county laws and regulations can be a painstaking process.  We simplify this by offering our clients the advantage of having the largest, most experienced team of lien release professionals in the industry.  This, coupled with our state-of-the-art in-house processing, puts Nationwide Title Clearing ahead of others in the industry, ensuring deadlines are met and your documents are easily accessible.

NTC provides this service to mortgage lenders, servicers and investors nationwide. Click here to establish a corporate account or request a quote. 

Benefits & Features:
  • Nationwide Title Clearing works directly with its clients to not only ensure accuracy, but to offer a clear partnership that exceeds industry expectations.
  • NTC assists its customers with specific county requirements, aiming to meet all legal and regulatory disciplines, and rendering us able to prepare documents with confidence.
  • NTC provides comprehensive indemnity coverage to all clients as an added benefit, giving them significant reductions in the associated risks of late or improperly formatted lien releases. 
  • We thoroughly audit and control our processes in order to give our clients a low-cost, all-inclusive, and meticulous approach to their finished documentation.
  • Prepared lien releases can be sent electronically to clients, allowing clients to sign their documents locally.
  • Nationwide Title Clearing offers its exclusive customized integration with our own system, allowing our customers to clear exceptions automatically, as well as ordering research services and personalized data entry solutions.

Our downloadable white paper, entitled “Best Practices for Managing a Lien Release Provider," displays our set of best practices prepared to maintain compliance while continuing to offer unrivaled efficiency.  Download our white paper here and see for yourself.


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