Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Loan Modification Services

Many mortgage loan servicers in today’s market focus on efforts that retain their customers’ homes through loan modifications and other programs. Nationwide Title Clearing has made itself a leader by responding with Loan Modification Recording Services that assists our clients with tax and owner searches, subordination delivery, loan modification recording and title product procurement.

NTC has invested significant time and money in refining our in-house processes so our customers can feel confident in using our Loan Modification Recording Services, allowing us to handle the necessary paperwork and details, and letting our clients reap the rewards. Like most of our offerings, these can be easily customized to fit nearly every category of need.

Our highly-trained professionals have put in the time necessary in order to perfect our skills and offer accurate, cost-effective solutions to our clients. Also, by maintaining a personal relationship that extends beyond other providers, we stand well above others in the real estate and mortgage industry, offering a peace of mind that only NTC can give. By letting our seasoned customer service team monitor changes in their account regularly, we can catch and repair the common county-specific items that are familiar in the industry, relieving our customers of the unnecessary headaches in mortgage servicing document processes.

NTC provides this service to mortgage lenders, servicers and investors nationwide. Click here to establish a corporate account or request a quote. 

Benefits & Features:
  • Peace of mind in knowing your loan modification process will be properly completed.
  • Thorough process to ensure the loan modifications are prepared accurately.
  • Tracking and imaging of documents from start to finish.
  • All of NTC’s services include custom integration with client systems, as available.
  • Many clients do not have a solution in place to accommodate this workload and experience relief from no longer having to deal with staff training and personnel management to account for highly fluctuating volumes.
  • Online web tools for reporting, status and images of recorded documents.

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