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Assignments of Mortgage

Mortgage lenders, servicers and investors rely on Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) to process and double-check every detail of every assignment needed to effect Life of Loan events. NTC has a less than 1% reject rate in over 3600 jurisdictions nationwide. Having established best practices that set the industry standard, NTC’s assignment services include each step of a very comprehensive process:

• Data Capture

• File/Document Image, Index and Inventory

• Exception Handling

• Signing Authority Database Management

• Assignment Chain Verification & Validation

• Assignment Document Preparation

• Document Review and Execution

• Multi-tiered Quality Control

• County Recording / eRecording

For convenience and speed, NTC can complete file imaging and indexing at the file location. We also offer precise loan audit/review and investor delivery services that may be needed in addition to assignment services. Turning to NTC for your loan reviews saves time and money by eliminating the need to establish internal procedures, purchase software, and training staff on complicated audit requirements.

Our revolutionary document review process and our proprietary Signing Authority Database ensure all the necessary controls are in place to confirm valid signatures on all documents and that strict signing and notary standards are maintained. NTC also consistently achieves 70-75 percent e-record coverage greatly reducing document follow up.


Assignments are generally required in the event the mortgagee sells residential mortgages, their servicing rights to another mortgage company or securitizes them into a trust. Complete documentation evidencing the transaction is prepared and filed in the recording office where the property is located. Services include setup and management of the entire process, full preparation and execution/notarization of required documents (if applicable), preparation according to each state and county requirements, mailing, recording, reporting, tracking and imaging documents upon return. As a standard part of our mortgage assignment services, NTC is poised to accommodate all agency requirements as part of your loan transfer, including preparation of agency assignments and preparing true certified copies. NTC can accommodate any volume and fast turn times without sacrificing accuracy.


NTC will review loans going into default for any remediation needed prior to referring a loan for foreclosure or during bankruptcy. Management of the process by investor rules and foreclosing entities is maintained by NTC. Assignments are prepared and recorded, as applicable, with a package of the documentation provided supporting that the loan is in the name of the foreclosing entity and in good standing enabling the client to move to the next step in their process.

NTC also provides a complete Chain of Title Binder service that incorporates a note review to determine the Note Holder, remediate it to the foreclosing entity; as necessary and then include a validation in the package delivered. 

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