Monday, December 10, 2018

Current Owner Report Also Known As Ownership & Encumbrance (O&E) Report

Get full current owner details you can rely on.

A Current Owner Report verifies the current owners vested on title in land records. It shows every open mortgage found, recorded involuntary liens or financial encumbrances (up to 10) that could affect the property (based on the current owner), shows if the property is being foreclosed upon in land records and the last assignment of record for any open mortgage. Since this is an uninsured report, it is substantially less expensive and faster than an insured title search.

This report is available to be ordered online for residential properties nationwide with no order minimum. Simply enter the property address you would like to search in the form on the right.

This report contains the following information:

  • Deed and ownership information (including copy of the last deed transferring ownership with full legal description) and any quit claim deeds that have changed the ownership vesting on the property.

  • All open recorded mortgages (and any re-recording information) with pertinent information regarding the mortgage: borrower, lender, trustee(s), document date, recorded date, and recording information including last assignment of record.

  • Involuntary liens recorded in land records against that property (this includes mechanics liens, HOA liens, federal tax liens, etc.) with all pertinent basic information on the recording (up to 10).

  • Property tax information, including any delinquent taxes or taxes currently due. The report would also note which taxes are considered current or delinquent.

  • Assessed valuation by the tax assessor’s office.

  • Judgments (with recorded value of greater than $500) against the property/owners that are recorded in land records.

  • Modifications/subordinations.



Current Owner Report, copy of deed and if available, any pertinent pages of supporting documentation provided at no cost.


Corporate Accounts and Volume Discounts Available.

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