Thursday, January 28, 2021

Find out current tax status and amounts due.

The Tax Status Report is a report that includes a tax search on a specific property address to determine the property tax status (if current or delinquent). NTC searches for any taxes, including county, city and school board taxes. Reports include details of the amount of current property taxes and indicates whether they are current, due or delinquent. 

This report is available to be ordered online for residential properties nationwide with no order minimum. Simply enter the property address you would like to search in the form on the right.  

This report contains the following information:

  • Taxes presently due on the property (current or delinquent)

  • Tax payment schedule, including due and delinquent taxes

  • Assessed property values (and land and building values, if available)


  • Tax Status Report

Corporate Accounts and Volume Discounts Available.

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Disclaimer: Your Tax Status Report may be delayed beyond 48 hours, due to the Tax Offices in the following areas: MI, PA, IL (Cook), MA, VT.

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