Monday, December 10, 2018
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When it comes to extensive land record research in the residential mortgage industry – we are the experts. Nationwide Title Clearing has invested years honing our systems in order to offer the most sought-after research services in the industry. NTC’s ability to couple our team’s unparalleled experience with our technological gains have resulted in a speed and accuracy that dwarfs our competition. We have also built a nationwide abstractor network of experts and resources that are vigilant about quality and the ability to offer services at a significant savings. This is how we’re able to remain a leader in the percentage of accurate documents and information retrieved – if it is on record, we will find it.

Recorded Document Retrieval Services

Our processes seamlessly retrieve information, images, copies, or clerk copies of recorded real estate documents from county recording jurisdictions across the country. With the benefit of decades of experience, we have perfected our automation and quality control systems and we understand the need to recover missing documents quickly.

Quick turnaround, accurate services, competitive pricing. That’s how Nationwide Title Clearing has built our exceptional document retrieval reputation.

Title Policy Retrieval

Nationwide Title Clearing has perfected what can be a difficult process into one that works for you without a hitch.
We use a series of escalating title policy retrieval attempts with each applicable title company, closing agent or underwriter. The strategy has translated to a title policy retrieval and title policy endorsement retrieval rate that is second to none.

Combine this with competitive pricing and you’ll see how our reputation in title policy retrieval has been earned.

Title Policy Replacement

When an original title policy is unrecoverable, you need a company that’s responsive, reliable and knows the recourse for satisfying important investor requirements.

Nationwide Title Clearing uses multiple company partners to provide you with the most timely and competitive rate for replacement title policies.

Whether you need title policy replacement service as a standalone product, or as an add-on to our retrieval service, Nationwide Title Clearing is here to help.

Assignment Verification Reports

Nationwide Title Clearing’s Assignment Verification Reports process is accomplished by conducting a thorough collateral document review and an assignment chain audit. We have established best practices that set a new industry standard for accuracy. We review the entire assignment chain by conducting a thorough review of land records, collateral documentation and various guidelines (such as loan type, investor rules, etc.) and report what we find.

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