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Nationwide Title Clearing provides Lien Release Processing & Management Services to residential mortgage lenders and servicers. Nationwide Title Clearing works with our clients to strategically build customized lien release processes to meet any budget and service level. NTC's expertise in lien release and reconveyance regulations, format guidelines, preparation and recording allows our clients to focus on their core competencies instead of keeping up with lien release county laws, requirements and forms.

The Nationwide Title Clearing whitepaper, entitled “Effective Lien Release Management,” reveals a set of industry best practices designed to keep servicers in compliance while streamlining operations.

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NTC's Lien Release Processing & Management Services include the entire process for preparing and recording the required documentation to cancel a mortgage as the final step in the payoff process. The document may be called a Lien Release, Reconveyance of Deed, Cancellation of Mortgage, Mortgage Satisfaction, or other names depending on the jurisdiction.

Nationwide Title Clearing Lien Release services include full access to the ReleaseLINK web features that includes submitting orders to NTC, full data entry, exception clearing, research order placement and quality control. Click here to learn more about ReleaseLINK.

Managing the state and county laws, regulations and forms regarding lien releases, mortgage cancellations, release of lien, satisfactions and reconveyances is considered to be massive undertaking for most mortgage servicers. County requirements relating to recording releases change on a regular basis. Tracking which forms, fees and laws is not only a hassle, but it is also a legal burden to most servicers.

Clients gain a terrific advantage by having accessing to the largest experienced team of lien release professionals in the industry and the most up-to-date technology for processing lien releases in the industry. Nationwide Title Clearing offers a complete service that includes remedies to resolve any problem with your files to ensure your releases are completed within statutory deadlines and full web tools to manage the process.

Nationwide Title Clearing has sophisticated research procedures in place to resolve exception files fast. Whether your files are missing original documents, recording information, legal descriptions, have incomplete assignment chains or more, NTC will resolve them quickly.

Clients are given secure access to the Nationwide Title Clearing website to gain a high level of control, prediction and confidence in the lien release process. Clients have instant access 24 hours a day to images of recorded lien releases, real-time status of document progress and reports. NTC offers ample reporting tools to track state and county compliance, custom service level agreements, management tool and status throughout the entire process.

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