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Access the most cutting edge process available today for electronic recording of mortgage assignments and lien releases. Nationwide Title Clearing has an advanced system to rapidly eRecord documents at the county level through our eRecording partners. The eRecording service for all available counties is included as a standard value added feature with every NTC service that includes county recording and costs the same or less than typical postage costs. This service is also available as a stand-alone service if you wish NTC to process documents in only those counties that offer eRecording.

These strategic eRecording partnerships integrate our advanced document technology with the most cutting edge eRecording processes available today.  This process saves our clients both time and money over competitors or their internal systems by recording documents electronically in record time. The eRecording process also automates the document examination and fee collection process at the recording jurisdiction.

Contact NTC today to get a list of the current eRecording enabled counties and for more information on how to get started.

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eRecording Services Include:

  • NTC will automatically eRecord documents for clients as a standard part of contracts that include recording services, such as assignments, lien releases or recording services.
  • NTC electronically delivers the indexed information and an image of a document via our partner eRecording system directly to the county recorder.
  • Documents are electronically stamped at the county level and the image is automatically stored.
  • The recorded lien release or mortgage assignment is then returned to NTC, potentially within just minutes.
  • Images are uploaded to the NTC system and made available immediately to clients.
  • All of NTC’s services include custom integration with client systems, as available.
  • Clients are given access to a secure website to have the ability throughout the entire process to view images of recorded documents, status updates and ability to run management and service level agreement reports.

Benefits of eRecording services:

  • Clients save substantial time in both the delivery and the handling of documents.
  • eRecording eliminates postage costs to mail documents to and back from the county.
  • eRecording typically lowers recording fees and eliminates the potential for penalties due to mail delays or county errors.
  • This process simplifies the recording procedure and drastically increases efficiency.
  • All of NTC’s services include custom integration with client systems, as available.
  • Coupled with the NTC proprietary online reporting features that are securely accessed through the NTC website, you will be more in control of your files than ever before.