Thursday, January 28, 2021

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) is offering complete collateral file audit and remediation services. Whether you are looking to securitize, sell or retain portfolios, NTC has flexible service packages that cater to specific portfolios, investors and objectives. 

Be prepared for any life of loan events. 

The key to any loan disposition is perfect collateral. Files are reviewed by a team of trained professionals. We then cure any exceptions by utilizing our document research and retrieval methods to bring the files up to a transferable standard. Collateral documents are audited and the final results reported so you can make more informed decisions when securitizing or transferring loans. 

Features and Benefits 

  • Assignment research 

  • Validation of lien position 

  • Remediation of collateral issues 

  • Collateral review and perfection

  • Trailing document intake during transition 

Everything starts with a perfect collateral file. 

When it comes to imaging and indexing, a variety of options are available. We can go to the files, house the files or a combination of both. Through this audit and inventory process, you will be able to then:

  • Validate and maintain accurate data 

  • Restore collateral documents by repairing data 

  • Identify servicing data discrepancies through audit processes 

  • Recover or replace any documents in the collateral file 

All files reviewed exceed CFPB standards and are in accordance with state and local guidelines. Reports are available with this service that identify mortgage lien position and determine assignment chain status. 

A thorough audit is only the beginning. 

After a full audit and inventory is completed, NTC begins the remedial process of retrieving crucial documents through the most cost-effective methods possible. 

Documents systemically retrieved through NTC’s processes include: 

  • Lost Note Affidavits 

  • Missing Intervening Assignments 

  • Title Policies 

  • Assignments 

  • Allonges 

Once the file is restored, NTC can then provide subsequent processes including: assignment/ allonge preparation, document recording, e-recording and tracking. 

NTC will work with you to define the perfect service package. À la carte services that cater to your needs are available. Pick and choose the services you want.

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