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Assignment Verification Report (AVR) After a thorough search of land records, NTC reviews and provides a report on the subject mortgage, all applicable recorded documents in the assignment chain and lists the current beneficiary (if clear), and additionally will identify if the mortgage is found to have been released or foreclosed upon. Any problems found with the assignment(s) in the chain are also noted on this report.

This report is available to be ordered online for residential properties nationwide with no order minimum. Simply navigate to, select property reports and then enter the property address you would like to search in the form on the right.

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 Assignment Services

Mortgage lenders, servicers and investors rely on us to process and double-check every detail of their bulk sales and acquisitions. Our expert Mortgage Assignment Services, bundled with AVRs, ensure that your loan transfers run smoothly.

The Report Includes:

  • Mortgage information (loan amount, original beneficiary, original trustee, mortgagor/ mortgagee vesting, mortgage date, recorded date and recording info.

  • Each assignment on record for the target mortgage (including assignee, assignor, recorded date, recording info).

  • Any lost assignment affidavits (LAA) indexed and easily found against that mortgage.

  • Any corrective assignments recorded in the mortgage chain.

  • Any recorded rescission’s that pertain to any assignments or releases of the subject mortgage that are indexed and easily found against that mortgage.

  • If the property has obviously been released, this is often reported along with the pertinent document.

  • A designation of the assignment chain as either CLEAR or NOT CLEAR.

The Documents Included:

Assignment Verification Report, copy of mortgage/deed of trust (pertinent pages only) and copy of all assignments, lost assignment affidavits, rescissions and releases.

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