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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) offers mortgage lenders, servicers, investors and attorneys property report services tailored to meet the needs of today’s marketplace and regulatory environment.

Features and Benefits

A Lien Verification Report is versatile enough to satisfy the reporting of loan status required for many processes.  Whether you are validating the existence of a new lien or confirming the extinguishment of an inactive lien; this report will provide you with the details you need to make decisions in what the next step should be or satisfy your requirements to close out the process.  NTC’s clients have used this report with or without customization for (1) Due Diligence for both purchases and sales (2) Validation of newly originated loans (3) Lien status reporting for charge-off or blight prevention requirements (4) Understanding position for foreclosure determinations. Understanding each client’s specific need not only makes this report the key to a successful process but a cost effective solution as well.  Focusing in on only what is needed; eliminates the need to purchase the most common but costly out of the box title search.

NTC’s expert team of researchers personally validate the results from searches of land records and do not rely on any fuzzy logic or automated data to determine your lien positons. Accuracy is key to these reports, and that is what we focus on.


Report Contains

This is a detailed two-step process conducted by an expert research team to pin point the exact information you need to get the specific loan status information needed.  On each report; the information can include the following information based on the results of the specific search completed:

Lien Status of The Subject Loan (1) Open (2) Released (3) Foreclosed (4) Open and Property Sold

Optional Add Ons:

  • Tax Status Search

  • Lien Position Monitoring for further blight prevention, associated risk and future loan disposition decision

  • Mortgage Position of Subject Loan and a full accounting of any open mortgages in a superior position including applicable subordinations.

  • Complete transaction history review of all recorded deeds back to the date of the subject Loan.


Documents Included

Copies of pertinent documents are optional depending upon client requirement, however, if not needed; may reduce the overall expense.


Additional Highlights:

  • Reports are designed to help mortgage lenders and servicers track the status of their lien on land records, meet current investor guidelines, OCC, CFPB requirements and National State Settlement requirements.

  • Perfect for monitoring of charged off or delinquent liens. Using these reports can help servicers and investors avoid blight, unexpected property preservation needs or tax bills by knowing when properties end up in their name or in an unexpected lien position.

  • Unmatched accuracy and timely results that can be fully integrated into your current decision making tools/processes.

  • All reports a produced by our core research team of county experts using current recording jurisdiction records not inaccurate data bases available.

  • Uninsured property reports are an affordable alternative to costly insured products; when appropriate.

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