:: Loan Transfer and Mortgage Assignment Services

Nationwide Title Clearing's expertise is unparalleled when it comes to processing loan transfer and mortgage assignment projects. Nationwide Title Clearing provides comprehensive loan transfer services for bulk sales and acquisitions covering every detail of the mortgage assignment process for mortgage lenders, servicer and investors.

Additionally, Nationwide Title Clearing offers PerfectChain(SM) an extensive assignment verification service. This process is accomplished by conducting a thorough collateral document review and mortgage/assignment chain audit of land records. Through NTC’s PerfectChain(SM) process, NTC has established best practices that set a new industry standard for accuracy. Please click below to learn more about this process and download the Understanding Current Assignment Verification Practices White Paper today.


Nationwide Title Clearing Loan Transfer and Assignment services includes every step of the assignment process: data capture, file inventory, reviews, document imaging, exception handling, assignment document preparation and county recording or eRecording. We also offer extensive problem file resolution and research services to find and cure anything missing that is mandatory to transfer the loan or to record an assignment. Optional services include complete file imaging and indexing at the file location for added convenience and speed of service.

Nationwide Title Clearing provides complete MERS services to either update or register/assign your loans to MERS for you or your buyer, including fulfilling and completing the registration and quality review process from beginning to end.

As a standard part of mortgage assignment services, Nationwide Title Clearing will perform all necessary steps to accommodate agency requirements as a part of your loan transfer.  This could include the preparation of agency assignments, signing services or preparation of true and certified copies of the assignments. Each agency may require a different set of requirements for each loan sale and NTC will accommodate all necessary requirements to ensure that your loan transfer is complete and accurate.

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Loan Transfer & Mortgage Assignment Services Include:

  • Images or hard copies of files are provided to Nationwide Title Clearing or optionally NTC can send a team to the client’s file location and image information needed for the project.
  • Full data entry for mortgage assignment processing per exact county requirements.
  • Exception file resolution, including prompt research to retrieve missing information.
  • Assignments printed, signed and notarized according to state and county guidelines.
  • Agency assignment preparation and signing, if requested.
  • True and certified copies of assignments prepared and forwarded as requested.
  • Recording fees are calculated; checks are cut and married with prepared assignments.
  • Optional eRecording where allowable.
  • Assignments sent to recording jurisdictions.
  • Complete tracking and follow-up.
  • Precise reporting and web access to loan status and images throughout the process.

Benefits of Loan Transfer & Assignment Processing Services:

  • Assignments are completed on your timeline and transfer dates, thereby eliminating holdbacks or other penalties and improving investor relations.
  • Low pricing passed through to you due to our economies of scale.
  • Easy MERS registrations and updates.
  • Quality work and guarantee that county requirements are met.
  • Clients save substantial postage costs by NTC leveraging high volumes across multiple clients to package documents going to the same county together and send 2nd day delivery for less cost per document than first class mail.
  • You will no longer need to deal with problematic internal staffing issues in performing the work.
  • All of NTC’s services include custom integration with client systems, as available.
  • Continual access to real time status, web reporting and images throughout the process.